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Date: April 17th 1917

Tuesday, April 17th 1917


My Dear Mother :-

Im just beginning to think that you may be finding my mail rather slow in arriving but don’t get alarmed. You can rest assured there’s one on the way. At present its very difficult for us at times to write, in which case I’m just dropping the field pad card and I hope you’ll not mind that.

I’ve yours of Feb 18-24 and March 4th and so glad to hear you got my parcel. I’d kind of forgotten all about it. None of yours have as yet turned up but the last is sure too and I’m just waiting for it to come in anytime.

If you like mother you can send one each fort’night even if its just cookies or some of those G. snaps you used to make. They’re much softer than our issue biscuits I can assure you.

Last night I’d a letter from Mr Heeney and was very pleased to hear from him. He was writing to all those from the Church. Iwas surprised to hear of Miss Mason and hope she has improved since you last wrote, and I’m sure all her friends feel sorry to hear of her illness too. You certainly have had a time of it this winter and I suppose its been the cause of much sickness.

Let me tell you mother although the weather out hear may not have been so cold, it has been nothing to crow about. So far, this month its been very disagreeable. Rain! eh! gods its been a fright, and when it snows it generally comes down like a blizzard in large flakes covering and giving the country a wintery outlook. I’ll be tickled when I can gaze at the sun again for a while & not at intervals through the day as at present here.                     

I guess the Stuarts were glad to see Charlie and I suppose he was tickled to get back too. Bert Chalk should be home by now too. I’d a letter home from Bill whose in the aviation corps. now, somewhere over here. I couldn’t say whether he has bettered himself or not or what his work really is. (observation I beleive)

What do you think of this last event? I can tell you it has the last place beaten in every way. Theres something going when things get started and better weather sets in. I think myself this can’t last much long and it may end sooner than we imagine. However I hope this finds you all well at home and with heaps of love to you all I’m as ever,

Your loving son


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