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Date: August 1st 1916


#460609 Pte L Sinclair

A Company 2rd Canadian Battln

Toronto Regiment B.E.F. 

Tuesday August 1st 1916 

My Dear Mother:-

Your very welcomed letter dated July 7th with clippings, and newspapers arrived O.K., and I was sure glad to hear from you. Our mail addressed to us while in the old country has been very slow in arriving and I imagine your parcel and another letter is still due me from there. These I think aught to arrive any day now.

Well mother I’m still in the best of health. I am glad to see you are all well at home, and you must be certainly getting your shareof hot weather and severe storms by what I see. We have been getting exceptionally fine weather here and they are beginning to cut their crops now, which is not very much ahead of, (if at all,) of those in Western Canada. It is rather a slow process though, as everything is done by hand. I cannot say what happened that letter of mine It may have been the censors. Sometimes its so hard to write that all you can say is that, “You are Well,” “Belgium is still on the map,” and to continue writing.”

One can get about as much news off one of those cards we send, that we call whiz-bangs. This is the what they call one of Fritz’s shells and its a good name I tell you. It is true the Belgiums speak quite a bit of French, but we have little to do with them. The Y.MC.A have huts & stores everywhere here and its surprising the places you’ll run across them. The soldiers owe a lot to them alright.

How did Tom like his stay out north? Say, wouldn’t I just like to be out around York Factory now. Well I should smile. I’m glad to see Cliff is getting along. The Farmers out here must be looking after him pretty good. I hope Peggy & Flo are watching that garden of ours. How is Mr Kerr and the family getting along? I wish you’d remember me to them. It is awfully good of them to think of me. I’ll try and drop them a line some time.

I wrote Susie Clare a short while ago but there are a lot I should write but have never done so,. You know how good I’m at writing letters I think I’ll leave it to you to remember me to all my Friends.

How is Edith? I hope she is well. I lost her address so couldn’t write her.

Mother do you ever see Percy Alderson now? I’d like to get with Fred if I could and I thought if you saw him you might mention it to him and give him my address. He could ask Fred. and Fred could let me know from where ever he is. It is almost bed time so I had better close. I will drop another line latter so good bye for the present and love to all from your loving son


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