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Date: August 5th 1916

#460609 Pte L Sinclair.

A Company 3rd Canadian Battln.

Toronto Regiment


Belgium Saturday 5 1916.

My Dear Mother:

Your letter dated Sunday 16th arrived the other day and I was more than glad to hear from you. It was only eighteen days coming over and that was pretty good time I thought. I have not received the candy yet, but as a rule parcels generally take a longer time to get here, and they may be along any day now.

Well mother I’am glad to see you and all well at home. I may say the same about myself. The weather over here too has been somewhat warm and we have gone out in the evenings when it has been too warm in the afternoon to drill

Are you the only one at home these days? Why didnt you go down to Gimili too? How did Peggy come out in her exams? Is she going to take up a course then? Are any the others taking their holidays yet? Well I hope the garden is coming along good, and that you are getting something out of it.

I had Billy McCauly over to see me the other evening and its good to meet some of the old boys. He told me a lot about some of the boys whom he had met and what had happened them. I was sorry to hear about Mr Fisher who left Wpg with us. It happened a couple of days before we got there. Is old Mr Fisher still up at his office? When does Tom leave? Is it just for a time or all winter? Well mother the fall weather will soon be coming around. To see the grain fields over here reminds one of home and the days we put in at Harvesting last fall. How is Mr & Mrs Lobban, have you seen them lately? Do they ever hear from Alex Donner. I wonder. If they do lets know where he is, and remember me to both. You might send me a couple pair of socks the next parcel you send and a pair of gloves about #9. It is just dinner time now so I will have to close. With love to all, I am as ever

Your loving son



I am sending along one of those papers you ask under separate cover.


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Original Scans