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Date: December 2nd 1916

#460609 Pte L Sinclair

Canadian War Hospital

The Beach. Walmer,

Kent England.


Dec. 2nd.

Dear Mother:

I just received another letter of yours from France last week, along with one from Edith Oct 18th, and Bert. Oct 4th. Yours was dated the fifteenth of October with baseball clippings etc. I received Berts candy O.K as he had registered it, but they do not forward other parcels which are sent to France when you are in England, so your last I suppose was opened over there. Your friends generally get them and its just as well, as the transports are not allowed to carry them. I was glad to hear from Bert and hope he gets down to the Peg this winter.

He was asking me if I saw any of the zepps coming down in Thames yet. I’m sorry to say I haven’t although we’re just in a place where they are likely to come. They were here a year or so ago but not since. They always know when zepps are coming and the lights are all put out. I thought sure I’d get a chance to see one the other week but it turned out to be those German torpedoe boats which tried to raid the east coast off Margate

We could see the shells bursting out on the water but it was nothing to write about. A dozen shots at the most was all that was fired, and they didn’t do any damage I don’t think.

Well its getting on to Christmas and thank goodness I’m in England anyway for it. I’m going to write until I reach London and will get something there, although it will be after Christmas when you get it. I may be leaving this place next week, however still write with the same address until I tell you different.

The weather this last week has been somewhat cloudy and chilly but it hasn’t been raining at all. Our windows are wide open all the while and the noise of the waves puts one to sleep although the old fog horns are continually going. This being Saturday quite a few people are up town shopping but you have the whole town to yourself after ten o’clock week days (thats at night.) Some evenings its too chilly to be sitting around and taking in the movies is about all you can do. Its so dark too and such narrow streets, you’ve got to keep your eyes open.

I suppose the girls do nothing but skate now. Hows Peggy tickle the keep now after her course? I suppose Flo is at the new picture show all the while. Well its good to see an American picture over here, as some of the theater films are rotten.

Did Stanley get in any shooting? and whats Colin & Syd doing with themselves? I hope they are well, and I’m glad to see them still out of it. Keep this to yourselves though and don’t tell anyone that I said so.

Let this talk go to the winds about doing their bit. they should worry.

I hope your keeping well and that you’ll have a nice Christmas, I only wish I was home that day but leave it to me I’ll see that I have a good time and lots of turkey. I am expecting a letter from you next week again, but if not I’ll write anway. However its supper time almost so think I better close. Give my love to all at the house and with heaps for youselve. I am as ever

Your loving son


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