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Date: February 15th 1917

#460609 Pte L. Sinclair.

3.rd Canadians

Canadian Base Depot


Thursday Feb 15th 1917

My Dear Mother:-

Have arrived here safely, and am feeling fine, although the voyage over I may say was none too pleasant. From my experience last time I made sure to look around for a good place to lie down in, and before she was out in the open I was perched on top of a pile of life preservers trying to sleep. It was a long way from being a comfortable bed but served the purpose of keeping me from feeding the fish, while she did the rolling stunt. I felt pretty dizzy at times and take it from me, would never be a sailor for the world.

Well things here were the same as the last time I was up this way. Noticed nothing different at all and the kids were there as usual for pennies, bully beaf and biscuits.

It was rather sharp like out this morning although towards noon, it got a lot warmer. There is always a cold breeze blowing around this joint anyway and you should see the numbers of sea gulls about camp. There is thousands of them flying about and its quite aways in from the water too. I guess there’s more grub about here, some of these Hard-tacks we can’t chew.

We’ll I hope this finds you as well as can be expected and that you’ll not be worrying about me. Let me do all that and I’m sure I’ll not do much of it. Remember me to all and give my love to all at the house. I’m as ever

Your loving son


P.S. I write again Sunday.

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