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Date: February 22nd 1917

Thursday Feb. 22nd 1917

My Dear Mother:-

How are you? Have arrived back to the old battalion, first straight, and am now making myself acquainted with the mud. Beleive me, the more the better I like it, Oh! Yes, I don’t think there could be much more.

I’ve just finished supper having climbed one of those beautiful hills you see occassionally about here. Thank goodness there’s more about home and when we get back we’ll not have any to look forward too. They get my goat at tunes especially when muddy.

Well I’m along with Bert Van Vleet again. He’s looking very well. #460609. A Company 3rd Canadians “Toronto Regiment” B.E.F. France. I met Bert Chipperfield the other day too. He was somewhat surprised to see me and I beleive he has been slightly wounded. He is just to the right of us, so I may have a chance to see more of the old boys yet.

I couldn’t feel better mother. It doesn’t seem long since I left this country and its nothing new to me. I feel just as much the same here as I did at any time, so be good

Your letters should be following me up now as I’ve received one already from Canada. I hope this finds you all well and will have more to say next time. Give my love to all in the house and with lots for yourself, I’m as ever

Your loving son



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Original Scans