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Date: February 10th 1916

#460609 Pte L. Sinclair

3 Canadians

C Company 12 Reserve Battln

East Sandling, Kent

Saturday Feb 10 1916.

My Dear Mother:-

Your letter dated Jan 11th, #1 arrived last night and I was tickled to get those snaps. You must be leaving awful weather too, I can tell you it hasn’t been any too warm either in camp here. There’s been snow on the ground this last week and there is always a cold wind blowing. Your parcels have not yet arrived but I beleive another one is on its way as one of the boys at Hastings wrote me saying a parcel was there for me. It will be forwarded on like this letter so I may get it tonight. As for uncles Jim’s, if it went to France I wouldn’t see that. I’m glad the house is warm and don’t know whats wrong with the next. It must be their stokers. Im sorry to hear about Mrs Lobbin. I haven’t received Mr Lobbins letter yet but will watch out for it. I’ve had a cold myself and everyone seems to have a cough here. It must be the weather.

Well Peggy doesn’t seem to be having trouble with her teeth in that picture you sent. Bessie is looking well too, I wonder if she got my letter? Colin’s looking well also, but Cliff doesn’t look any too good, it must have been the thoughs of going back. I think I’ll have to get mine taken, but I’m afraid I’ll not have time as I may be on my way back to France shortly, so don’t be surprised if you should here from me there soon.

I’ve nothing much that’s of any news at all now that I’m back to soldiering, only that we get all we want of it. The rats are fine and always on the job at nights. There are very few western boys near our camp as it is mostly all Eastern battalions around. I saw some of Capt Hordimer battln up this way the 179th They’ve been pretty well broken up and are now at Dibgate near where Billy Chalk is station. As for Robin Strang it’s a hard job to see any of those fellows There so many different Red Cross places one wouldn’t know where to start to look for them.

Well mother I hope you keep well and all the others the same. Anytime you can drop a post card of Winnipeg in your letters do so. I hear so much of Toronto I’m beginning to think I live there. Remember me to all and give them my best regards and wishes. I’m as ever.

your loving son


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