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Date: July 17th 1916

#460609 Pte L Sinclair

A Company 3rd Canadian Battln

Toronto Regiment


Monday July 17th 1916


Dear Mother:-

I am still in billets where I wrote my last letter and maybe here for some time yet. We have been getting lovely weather and I am in the best of health.

Sunday one of the boys received some Wpg. papers dated June 21st and they sure were interesting to read. I dont want you to send me any now, clippings now and again are plenty. Some of the boys always get papers and they generally hand them around. I saw where old Dan McLean and his bunch had left. I guess they are in the old country now and where there had been an accident on Stafford ave. To read about those things, brings one right home. How did Peggy come through with her exams, and what is everyone doing at home?

Let me know if you get my small camera one of these days. We had to give them up over here and they are sending them back for us. Has Flo or anyone taken any pictures about the house with the other? If so send along some. Nothing would be more interesting then to look at them, when we’ve nothing to look at but the sky, and that’s empty, at times.

I suppose Winnipeg is pretty quiet just now. What are they doing with the bars, turning them into ice cream parlors? Have you been getting very hot weather, and where did the bunch go for their holidays? Hows the garden and everything on Fleet Ave? Well lets hope we’ll be back there soon. I have not yet received your parcel but expect it any day now. So give my love and regards to all and lets hear from you soon again.

Your loving son


P.S. Mother

Did you ever see any of those books in Wpg. ‘called Fragments from France which is got out by the Bystander. If you do try and get them, they are not only funny but about the truest pictures you can find. They show you the funny side of this war and they are well worth having.


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Original Scans