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Date: July 23rd 1916

#460 609 Pte L Sinclair

“A Company 3rd Canadian Battln

“Toronto Regiment”


Belgium July 23 1916

My Dear Mother:-

Just a line to let you know that I am well, and in the best of health. It is Sunday morning and I have just finished breakfast, but by the time I’m sure you must have breakfast on the table at home. So you see we were not up so very early this morning. Such is the case when one works at nights and it is early in the morning before you hit the bunks. I may say I was able to wash too. Sometimes your in a place where you cant wash and you have to go about dirty until you can. Wherever there is water one washes. This time its beside a lock or what remains of one. It has been a very pretty place but like everything else about here has been pretty well smashed. I saw a Tribune yesterday dated June the 27th and noticed where Kelly had been found guilty. Lets know how the case ends and what happened the rest who were concerned in that parliament blg mix up. Bert Chalk was saying Flo had been going up to his place to sew and that Mrs Chalk was thanking me for some pictures or other. Which ones were they? I told him you must have loaned her the negatives of the snaps I had taken while in England. Well I hope you are all well as usual. News is pretty scare so have not much say, but hope to hear from you soon again. With love to all, I am

Your loving son


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Original Scans