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Date: May 23rd 1916

Pte L Sinclair #460609

Company “C”

44th Canadians

c/o Army Post Office

London England

May 23rd – 1916

Dear Mother:-

I just received my first lot of pictures so thought I send them right away. The weather when we left was none too good for pictures so I guess that is why they did not come out as plain as I thought. The days I think being too cloudy I did not get many on the boat but hope to be able to get a few from some of the other boys latter. I have pretty nearly taken all the films you sent me and I hope to be able to let you have them a little sooner than these. They are so darn slow in developing them over here and again they dont make any too good a job out of them when they do print them. I am going to hold the negatives for a while and will send them latter a some of the boys may want copies of these pictures. I received two bundles of papers to day of the 24th and 29th but after this just send me a Saturday paper unless there is something special in the papers during the week its good to see Winnipeg paper occasionally. Good bye


Original Scans

Original Scans