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Date: May 20th 1916

Pte L. Sinclair #460 609

“C” Company 61st Canadians

c/o Army Post Office

London Eng.

Wednesday May 20th

 Dear Mother:-

I just received your letter dated April the 20th, it is just a month since you wrote it along with the films for my kodak. I got your papers all right and you must be having some time with the floods about Winnipeg alright.

Well we have not left for Bramshott yet but I imagine it will be very shortly. What will happen to our officers I am not sure but at present they are wandering about here like lost sheep. We are not under them at all, and they have nothing to say regarding our drills. As soon as parade is started we are handed over to instructors of the 11th Reserve Battln and we are on the go all the while. I heard quite a number of Canadian Officer were to be sent back shortly so that it may be possible some will go back with them. It seems rotten that the bttln should be split up, but orders are orders wherever they come from. I think it was the inefficiency of the Battalion. The 44th I beleive is being brought up to strength again, and they are being brigaded so that is the reason why we are reinforcing them.

Your films came in quite handy and I will be able to get some pictures here before we leave. I left my two dozen in London to be developed but have not received them yet. As soon as I do I will send them, but most of the days were dull while we were travelling and cannot say how they will come out. Tell maggie I’m afraid theres no more pins about here and that maybe she will be able to get one in some of the jewellers up town. Now that we are getting transferred too we will not be know as the 61st.

I am enclosing some handkerchiefs I got one of the boys to get me while he was in Ireland. They are from Largan in the County of Down and I hope you will like them. I am also sending Maggie & Florrie one so keep these for yourself.

They must have held up that letter of mine until we arrived in Liverpool, but I hope your getting them in little better time now. I hope Stanley has his garden ready and be sure its better than ever. It must sound nice to hear frogs again it is something we never hear. We never see sunset either, but a lot of sunrises. I like the meadow lark here. Its a funny bird the way it sings. As it rises in the air it starts singing and keeps it up all the while for two or three minutes before coming down again.

Well I must close as supper is ready but write and let us know when you get the hankerchiefs.


P.S. I was going to say that it must have been one of those crazy Frenchman who wrote that piece on the Post Card. As we passed a station you know we’d give them our letters and cards to mail & I suppose this person must have read that one.

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