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Date: June 8th 1916

Pte L. Sinclair #460609

C Company 44th Canadians

c/o Army Post Office

London Eng. 

Thursday June 8th 1916

Dear Mother:-

I received your letters written on the 14th and 15th last Saturday night also your parcels of papers, and must say, was glad to hear from you. I do not think any of my letters or papers went astray, but on account of us moving about so much when we arrived here first, I think delayed it some, as it was nearly a month before our first mail reached us. It takes from fifteen to twenty days for mail to get here now, so that it is a good month before one can figure on getting an answer to a letter.

Well I am glad to know you are having fine weather again. I suppose the evenings are long now that they have advanced the clock. I dont know whether its on account of this and getting up an hour earlier in the morning, but beleive me its chilly here in the mornings. I do beleive the weather is just as warm in Canada as it is here at present.

The weather here sure is funny at times. Some days it is very hot while on a cloudy day its sure to be chilly and you never know when it is going to rain. We were caught in the rain yesterday while on a route march and it came down while it lasted. I like these marches for the simple reason the scenery about is so pretty and some of the gardens are full of flowers and roses. They have such fine roads over here too but I dont fancy walking up the hills. It doesn’t matter which direction you walk your either going up or down, some of the boys say if they’d only level this place off a bit there would’nt be so much water.

I suppose there must have been a lot of excitement in Winnipeg when they heard Kitchener had drowned. Well it was pretty hard to beleive and we heard he was safe once, but when it came out again next morning we knew then it must be true. There was nothing done in camp about it, only the officers are wearing black armlets. What did they think of the naval engagement? The first reports here about it did not look any too good, but matters have changed a little. Still there was some good boats lost. Tell Flo only a few got those hat bands and they just had the name “Olympic” on them. I tried to get one but they were all sold out, so took a post card. As for the janes over here well I havent had much time to look them over. It is only on Sundays I ever leave camp, during week days after drill it is so late before one gets anywhere that it is hardly worth while cleaning up. I occassionally run down to “Haslemere” to take in a movie but have not seen anything better than what you’d see in Winnipeg. Thats about here. There are some of these well to do ladies though that are very good looking but youd dont see them walking about town. As for big feet I think it is only in the country districts you’d notice it. In London, you never notice it and beside you couldn’t find neater or better dressed girls than what you see around Hyde Park.

You must have had quite a parade in Winnipeg decoration day. Well mother I am not sure but dont be at all surprised if my next letter should come from France. These last engagements have taken quite a number from camp, and I have a hunch there is something in the wind just now. From what I hear, there are to be a thousand leave from the different battalions in our brigade and I’m sure a good number of us will be going. However do not worry as things may turn out different for all one knows.

I wrote Bert the other day but there are a lot I have not written too yet so if you should see Mrs Lobbau or Bessie Stebbings remember me to them and give them my best regards. I am sending you more pictures and hope you got the others O.K. Hows our garden coming along? have you made it bigger? I wonder how Cliff likes out West? I bet he’ll find out how good home looks. The house must seem strange with all us away. Well if we get together again it will be a long time before we leave it.

It may do him a lot of good out there. You can tell him to drop me a line sometime. Whats Maggie & Flo doing with themselves? I hope they are well. Has Maggie her job yet? Well its almost supper time so had better close with love to all, from your loving son


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