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Date: June 20th 1916

Pte L. Sinclair #460609

A Comp. 3rd Battalion

1st Canadian Division C.E.F.


Belgium, June 20th 1916,


Dear Mother:- 

Just a line to let you know that I am well, and have never felt better. We arrived at divisional base O.K. and had quite a trip on the train. I enjoyed the scenery all along the way which is somewhat different to England. The style of houses, the people, and the condition of the country we passed through was very interesting. At all the points we stopped at there was generally a crowd of kids asking for souvenirs, pennies and bully beef which was about all the English they could speak. We always asked for bread but had some job getting it. There seems to be any amount of booze over here though and you should see the size of the kids who peddle it. One never knows what he is getting, so it is better to leave it alone.

Its funny too, how hard it is to beleive one is so close to the front. One would forget there was a war if he didnt pass the French soldiers guarding the R.R. tracks, and military stores along the way. I suppose its because one has got used to seeing it, and not until we saw the damaged building did we begin to realize, well we’re right there.

Last night I watch two of our aeroplanes flying over the enemies lines from our billets. You could see the shells bursting and the clouds they left, but it did not seem to worry them at all. All through the night too we could hear canonading and machine guns every now and again, but it may be some time before we’ll be there.

It is almost supper time, and I cannot say much so will have to close. Remember me to all and I hope they are all well at home, with heaps of love from your son


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