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Date: June 27th 1916

Pte L. Sinclair #460609

A Comp. 3rd Battln.

1st Canadian Division B.E.F.


Tuesday June 27th 1916.

Dear Mother:-

Just a line to let you know that I am well, and hope everyone at home is the same. Ive received no mail since leaving England, but expect some any day now. It is somewhat delayed going from one place to another and until you are able to send letters to me direct, theres no saying how long one may have to waite. 

I suppose everything is looking up in Winnipeg just now. How is the old town, now that so many have left for camp. I guess you cant help but notice it this year. A year ago yesterday we left for Sewell and one can’t but help think of the time we put in there.

Hows the garden coming along? Well beleive me when I get back there’ll be a big hole in the back yard. I’m full of those tricks now. We’re all the same rabbits here. I wish you could see us now. For mud you never saw anything that could beat this place and it is forever raining. Before leaving England we got everything new but now, good-night. We’ve been up to our knees in mud, sat in the stuff, and in some places one had to get on his hands and brawl out. Id sooner Manitoba mud anyday.

The country about here though I imagine must have been pretty once upon a time. The roadways are all lined with big tall trees and some of the dwellings and old chateaus show signs of being very pretty places in their time. But theres not much of these places standing.

How’s Cliff coming along? Is he still sticking with it. He’s quite away out West alright. Have you heard from Tom at all? I hope you got my letters and pictures I mailed you from Bramshott. Write soon and tell us how everything is at home. We cannot say much so will have to bring this letter to a closure. Remember me to all, and remind the boys of what I asked them while at Shorncliffe. With love to all of you I remain

Your loving son


P.S. Mother. It’s a long time since I tasted decent candy so any time you feel like it, send us along some. Anything at all, the common mixed even would taste fine. Larry

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