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Date: March 29th 1916

Just Past North Bay. Ont

Wednesday Mar 29.


Dear Mother:-

I just remembered. I did not put the date on that card I mailed you at North Bay. Well this is some country. I dont think there is anything outside rocky hills and [?] trees to see. The towns look dead somehow or other and most houses have never seen a coat of paint. The farms are all small and surrounded by rustic fences which is something we seldom see around Wpg. All day yesterday we were running along the shores of Lake Superior and are now just coming into a more settled part of the country. Well its good to see farms and towns after nothing but high rocky hills which are around Lake Superior.

We aught to reach Ottawa tonight sometime and are to parade there at 9 ‘o’clock tomorrow. Well mother we have all kinds of grub yet, and so has everybody on the car. We do nothing but eat it appears to me, and are never hungary. I’ll try and drop you a line when we get to Ottawa but is hard writing on this here train of ours. Good Bye


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Original Scans