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Date: March 11th 1917

Sunday Mar. 11th 1917

Dear Syd:-

Yours of Oct 17th arrived this morning, thats going some eh? In all probabilities my parcels have taken the same course, so that I’ve not given up all hopes as yet. As late as it was though, I was glad to get it, and hope you’ll drop another when you’ve time again.

Here it is almost a year now since I left the Peg. It hardly seems that, yet when one goes over all that has taken place during those months, it seems a darn side longer. Things have changed too, and prospects are a lot brighter this March than they were this time last year for us. By the time you receive this letter you’ll have noticed moreso I imagine.

I hope everything is going well with you. I can assure you I never felt better, infact those few months in Blighty seemed to have helped me in every way, and I find things easier going compared to the first few months I was out her. I suppose knowing what I was going back to helped a lot.

Before it was different. Id to take my surprises as they came, and they were a few I must say.

What sort of weather have you been getting lately? I suppose its getting a little warmer now. Here you never know what your going to get, or how long it’ll be that way, we’ve mud at all times.

I saw Bob Rodgers the other day. He’s looking well along with his friend. You’ll probably remember his name I just forget. They’ve not been over long have they?

Well I’ve nothing much more in the way of news. I hope this finds you all well, give mother the girls my love and best regards to the rest of you, I’m as ever



P.S. Syd if you are taking any pictures about the place, I wish you’d drop me a couple or postcards there jake & interesting at all times


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