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Date: March 22nd 1917


Thursday March 22nd 1917

My Dear Mother:-

I have been holding up this letter in hopes that the Canadian Mail would arrive anytime but there’s no saying when to expect same, so I am writing rather than hold up any longer. Fritz I’m afraid is delaying the mail a little, if nothing else and the last letter I received of yours was #2 along with the clippings.

Well I’ve nothing in the way of news really [censored] Am feeling fine, but dont at all fancy the weather. One hour you may have a warm sun out with a clear sky, while again during the next, a strong wind may blow up and you get a creditable imitation of a Canadian blizzard, which is hard to face. This in the end turns to rain, hence the mud, beleive me its fine.

I hope your all well at home and that this March hasn’t been any too severe. It will be a year Monday that we left the “Peg.” Does it seem that to you? Well with the exception of snow, it was as warm that day as it is here now. One knows what to look forward to over there tho, but here its anything.

St Patrick’s day we’d the sun out most all the day. I was beginning to think good weather had set in, but-

On such days one can see the country for miles around and with the suns rays shining through the clouds lighting up the hillsides and disclosing little villages and towns in the valleys beyond, it sure is a pretty sight. #460 609 Pte L. Sinclair A Company 3rd Canadians, “Toronto Regiment” B.E.F. France

Everything is looking rosy these days, what do you think? I can imagine those papers of ours with their headlines I suppose extras. I dont think it can last much longer although there’s no telling. If only the german people could get wise to themselves I imagine things would go a lot better.

Well there’s nothing much in this letter but its about the extent we can go over here. I’ve a hunch the mail will be along anytime now so will write again as soon as it arrives.

Remember me to all and hoping this finds you all in the best of health, I am as ever,

Your loving son


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