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Date: November 14th 1916

#460609 Pte L. Sinclair

Canadian War Hospital

The Beach, Walmer.

Kent England.

Tuesday Nov. 14th 1916.

My Dear Mother:-

Just a line to let you know that I am well, and enjoying myself at the convalescent hospital here. The weather these last few days has been fine and we have been able to get out in the afternoons and walk for quite aways along the beach. Yesterday we were angling or fishing I’d say off the pier. Quite a few people are fishing every day and they have their Angling Clubs and competitions going all the while. One almost stands beside each other and you wonder how you’d ever catch any fish but they seemed to be plentiful and as long as there’s bait on your hook your sure to catch some. There’s not much fight to them at all and there only about nine or ten inches long. Its awful exciting alright. I don’t know what they’d think was on their line if they’d some of our fish on the end of them. I saw a number of star fish pulled up too, but I don’t think there good at all.

Last night it was very foggy and today it is cloudy. I suppose it will start raining again. How are you having things in Winnipeg? I suppose there skating now, and the days getting pretty cold. How’s Peggy hitting the typewriter now, and whats Flo doing with herself? Whats Clifford going to do, stay out where he is all winter? How’s the rest of the boys I hope there all well as ever.

Well I’d nothing to do this morning so thought I just drop a line. I’m expecting letters from France which have gone to Ireland any time now, and I do not know where I get off. I must drop Edith a line, so hope this finds you all well. Give my best regards & wishes to my friends and love you all I am as ever

Your loving son


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