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Date: October 26th 1916

Thursday 26th 1916

St Peters Ward

Mater Hospital

Dublin Ireland,

Dear Mother:-

Its a week now since I first arrived here, am getting out of bed today and will very likely be in a convalescent camp this time next week. That may be in England but I hope I will be able to see a little of Dublin before I go.

They have been very good to us here, and we have a number of visitors in each day. We are well supplied with newspapers and they generally bring around fruit to us. This seems to be somewhat of a religious place, as some are continually around with testiments of some sort or other. Chimmes and bells are always ringing so that there must be quite a few churches too about. At night it seems funny to see all the lights burning and I suppose this would be the last place for a Zep to visit. There seems to be a sort of scrap going on just now regarding conscription but I do not know what the average man thinks about it. Some of the womenfolk who come up here, seem to think Ireland should do more more than she has done. How are things in Wpg just now are they still recruiting? Well I’d tell my friends to join the artillery or Army service if they’re thinking of joining. Heavey or Siege artillery.

I suppose its getting pretty chilly at nights now. Have you the furnace going yet? How is everyone at home? I hope you are all well. Your letters have not arrived from France yet and I guess they will be delayed again before I get them. I heard from Bert Chalk yesterday & he is still unable to use his right arm, but has hopes for the best.

It is just dinner so I think I’d better close. Give them my best wishes at the house and Remember me to all. I am as ever

Your loving son


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