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Date: September 13th 1916

#406609 Pte L. Sinclair

“A Company 3rd Can Battln.

Toronto Regiment

B.E.F France.

France September 13/1916.

My Dear Mother:-

I received your letter dated Aug. 20th with the snaps and must say I was very pleased to get them. Also the second parcel of candy arrived. O.K. and it is just the one which went to the old country that I never received.

Well mother, where we are at present circumstances are such that there may be times when my letters are a little latter than usual. Such is the case this time and I must say the first chance I get, I always write. I am in the best of health but am sorry to say Bert Chalk was wounded. He was hit in the right arm by shrapnel but I do not think it was serious. I wasn’t near him at the time but it was the day your parcel arrived and he asked me to thank you very much for his small parcel.

Who took those pictures of you and the girls? I think the weather must have been gloomy that day alright. The ones of the garden were good and so were those of out north. How did Tom like the Trip? I think I told you I had received a letter & parcel from them from Montreal.

It is getting on now into fall and its surprising how the time flies. One looses track of the days & dates & it is well on into the month before one is aware of it. I think I asked you in the last letter for a couple pair of socks and they should last me with what I got for some time. I think about the end of October the winter weather begins to set in here, and the rainy weather starts. How I’ll stand it I’m just wondering.

I suppose Peggy has begun her course, and I hope she likes it. I bet Clif feels about like [?]. I wouldn’t be surprised if you say him home by Christmas. Stan ever go down to the Hammock? They used to get excitement from hunting geese but hunting aireoplanes here sure is exciting at times. The air seems full of them and some so high you can hardly see them. I hope every one at home is well and in the best of health. Remember me to all as usual and give them my best Regards. It is well on into the evening now and rather dark so will have to close,

With love to all I am as ever

Your loving son


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