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Date: September 23rd 1916

#460 609 Pte L. Sinclair

A Comp 3rd Canadian Battln.

Toronto Reg. B.E.F. France

 Sat. September 23 1916

My Dear Mother:-

I am answering your letters of Aug 24 and Sept 3rd and am glad to know you are all well. I was very pleased with the snaps and am expecting your parcel along in a couple of days. I received all your parcels of candy O.K. besides some Edith sent and Ive a letter to answer of hers as soon as I’m through this. Both are well in Montreal and she was telling me she had been about the place quite a bit. I got her to send me some indelible pencils she had written me when they were mailed. The weather too she had mentioned was very trying for a while. I suppose the nights you find quite chilly now too. Well it can’t be any worse than what we get, infact I beleive its colder here. There is always a heavey mist and that seems to go right through you. Its not the dry climate like at home & which Id sooner have any day in the week. It gets awful dark early too so we are not any better off than they are out west, and this mud be their fall weather. I suppose all are returning from their summer camps now and its too bad you could not get down with Flo. I suppose Bessie gave you those snaps. They certainly all look well. You want to remember me to her and I’m sorry I can’t drop her a line once in awhile. The conditions of things here are far different than from the last place and so long as I get word to you, well you can let others know how I am getting along. That is some little burg Cliff is at & should he get in for Christmas you want to keep him home. You should ask Syd to watch for a good vacancy in some other dept & keep them all in the Peg. I met Alex Donner and sure was surprised to see him. One constantly is running up against boys about home and its certainly good to meet them. Im not scouting and have see none of the ruins with history attatched to them which you refer, only the one I mentioned in my last letter. Well I am well mother and will drop a line again latter. I like seeing your letters come in and they are very regular. I hope Peggy gets on at her new course & get her or Flo to drop a line occassionally. Remember me to all the boys & with love to all I am as ever your loving son.


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