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Date: December 7th 1951
Edward McKenzie

Dec 7/51.

Dear Mom:

I thought I'd drop you a line while I have the time and the inclination. We don't get a hell of a lot of time off and when we do we either go to sleep or clean up as best we can.

I had a shower last night, the first time for awhile. They have a tent rigged up with a drum filled with water and a water heater inserted. We fill a jerry can full of water and put it in a stand above our heads. It has a spray nozzle attached and it works okay. At least I feel a lot cleaner.

Were still training, walking up hills like a bunch of goats. If we keep this up we'll really be in good shape.

The company shot three deer the other day, what a bunch of sportsmen. There were only about a 100 jokers shooting at the deer. It was like a little war before it was over.

There's no relaxation around here at all and were usually in our sacks by 8 o'clock and up by 6 o'clock. We have guard duty every third night. Three hour watches, it could be worse, nobody shot so far.

There's an awful lot of rumors floating around but nothing definite as yet. We'll probably sit here until we go back. There's a bunch of Yanks moved back and there all around us now, I guess they came back for protection. That's all the buggers can do is move back.

You can tell George to send me a keg of beer, all we get here is a quart of Limey beer about once a week if were lucky.

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Original Scans

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