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Date: May 15th 1951
Edward McKenzie



May. 15/51.

Dear Mom

I'm still okay and going fine. All we've been doing for the past few weeks is sitting on a hill just waiting.

The weather is getting a lot warmer over here. I've got the start of a good tan all ready. Were right beside a river close to Seoul and it isn't to bad. It gets boring at times but it could be worse. We got some beer to-night, Canadian beer, really nice.

You could send me some summer shorts, the army doesn't seem to think a guy needs underwear, they'll probably be giving us summer clothing soon. Send me a tube of Lypsol it always comes in handy and a few films, not to many I didn't receive your parcel of the 20th maybe it will still come. The parcel sent on the 4th should arrive soon. I received your last two letters okay.

Well the big day will soon be upon you the 24th. Have fun with all the circus people.

Glad to hear your feeling a lot better – not enough beer probably.

The battalion should be joining the brigade soon, well we will have lots of B. S. to tell the new guys and its mostly B. S.

I hope to get a leave to Japan some day, I might be able to buy some things to send home if it ever comes to my turn.

I'm okay so far, not even a cold.


Original Scans

Original Scans

McKenzie Edward Letter Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry