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Date: May 1st 1951
Edward McKenzie

May 1/51.


Dear Mom:

I'm still going strong and feeling okay. The tide has turned again over here but it was expected. As the Yanks say were just going south for the summer.

I was in swimming to-day and it was really nice, just like in the rivers back home. Boy, we have to watch the sun, it seems to be a lot hotter than back home. Some of the fellows have a lovely sun burn. I got my neck burnt a bit but that was all. We get the gook kids to do our washing, so we're all cleaned up again.

Some of the fellows left for leave to Japan to-day maybe my turn will come soon I hope so.

Were sleeping in pup tents for a while until we move again. This outfit is always moving. There's a lot of rumors about us going home but it's all B. S.

Hope everyone's fine, I'm going to the shower now.

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Original Scans