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Date: April 22nd 1951
Edward McKenzie

Dear Mom:

I received your bottle of cough medicine okay, it sure went good.

The battalion just pulled out again, so were sitting around resting. I've hit it lucky I've stayed out of the hills for over a month now and we'll be out for a while yet. The rumors are flying thick and fast over here about going home but we never believe them.

The weather is nice and warm, time for the mosquitoes to start flying again.

We took a trip to Seoul the other night around mid night. The city was really deserted and there wasn't much to see. I never seem to be able to pick up anything to send home. Some of the fellows are getting leave to Japan, I'm hoping.


I'm in Dog company now so adress my mail as

“D” company.

Pte. McKenzie E.H.
“D” Co.
2nd P.P.C.L.I.
C.A.P.O. 5002.

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