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Date: April 1st 1951
Edward McKenzie

April 1/51

Dear Mom:

Thought it was about time that I dropped you a line. Right now I'm back in “B” echelon, have been here for the last 12 days. It's away back from the lines. They put some of us on a course to be future N.C.O's. were even shining brass and shoes, lots of fun, but at least were getting out of the hills. Were in tents electric lights, sleeping bags and cots, a lush life as the Major says. It's silly but nice. We have about ten days to go.

Did you get the film I sent.

The weather has been pretty fair here, hot to-day. They had snow in the hills but it missed us.

We had beer last night and everyone was feeling good then we had to get up for a lecture at 3 in the morning for a lecture on night firing. The major started off lecturing, then he walked away and fell flat on his face in the mud, drunk of course. The looey took over and he had a fine time trying to stand up straight. All the guys were still half tight, so it was a great lecture. We have a lot of laughs around here, thank God.

We have a movie to-night and I think I can scrounge another beer.

I had a warm shower to-day and we get the gooks to wash our clothes. If we could just stay in “B” echelon it wouldn't be bad. We'll be moving back to the hills again in a few weeks though.

How are you and Dad doing? Is he keeping his weight up? Don't work to hard.

Tell Viv I received her last parcel.

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Original Scans

Edward McKenzie Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Korean War Edward McKenzie Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Korean War