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Date: March 10th 1951
Edward McKenzie


March 10/51

Dear Mom:

Everything still going fine, hail and hearty, just finished getting washed up and shaved. Feel like a million bucks now. I think I'll go down to the pub for a beer. What a hope. They gave us a couple of quarts to-day, enough to quench our thirst. We'll be turning into dry's yet. I'm still trying to find enough subjects to take pictures of. Maybe I'm blind, but there doesn't seem to much to do, or take pictures of. I could take pictures of these gooks or the fellows but they don't seem very interesting.

We moved up a few more mountains so we should be resting up for a few days.

You could send me a mickey of whiskey in your next parcel I sure could go for it. I've had a taste from the other fellows bottles & it sure goes good on a cold night.

The fellows are in a good humor to-night they are starting to sing.

Received a parcel a few days ago.

Cheers and beers.

Original Scans

Original Scans

Edward McKenzie Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Korean War