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Date: January 12th 1951
Edward McKenzie

Jan 12/51.

Dear Mom:

We have a little time off this morning after standing guard all night. It was kind of cool last night so I'm thawing my feet out. The oil heater is right at the foot of my cot so I'm flat on my back for a while. You sure have to get used to going without sleep in this outfit. I had four hours last night but I feel okay. Two days before we camped out all night on top of a mountain. It was really nice, rained and snowed all night. I've bought a bag of charcoal from a gook and five of us stayed awake all night. It was quite a picnic while it lasted.

Were moving back 25 miles farther south for a week erecting barbed wire and such for the Yanks. Were supposed to move on Sunday

I received a parcel from Viv and a card. She certainly writes a long letter.

We've been drawing a tot of rum for a couple of days and brother does it go good. Were supposed to get 3 qts of beer to-night for a change. Beer is few and far between.

There's not much to write about. We have a movie every few days otherwise we just work, eat, and sleep. I feel in good shape though tough as nails, what a hope.


Original Scans

Original Scans

Edward McKenzie Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Korean War