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Date: December 31st 1950
Edward McKenzie

Dec 31/50.

Dear Mom:

We got thru Christmas okay and we certainly had a swell, wonderful time. A turkey dinner and all the trimmings. One can of beer was given per man. Two of us were on guard duty Christmas eve and we swiped a case of beer (24 cans) so we weren't to sad about the whole deal. Things aren't the same as at home but there's always something to laugh about. The army even gave us a present, a 10c ball point pen, doesn't it write nice. One of the fellows just said it writes in two different directions at once.

We've moved from Pusan the stink-hole of Korea. Were about 50 miles north of Pusan. Were in tents again, but the air is a lot cleaner. Were right beside a small river. Some of the fellows went for a swim and froze the balls of themselves or nearly. No snow on the ground but it freezes at night.

I sprained my ankle yesterday so I got two days off. I finally got my washing done and my socks. You can send more socks and parcels, we get bugger all here. No canteen set up yet, it will probably be set up some day.

Were supposed to be here for six weeks or more, training if they ever get around to it.

Hope everything is going good at home, don't work to hard or worry to much. The people in Canada don't know how good they have it.

I'm in good health and at the moment feeling fine. It's a nice day, the sun shining and the guys swearing as usual. One thing they can't do is stop the troops from bitching.

I've plenty of money, there's nothing to spend it on so far. I could have bought souvenirs to send home but I'll have lots of time for that, I guess.


address is just the same.

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Original Scans

Edward McKenzie Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Korean War Edward McKenzie Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Korean War