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Date: October 1st 1950
Edward McKenzie

Oct. 1./50.

Currie Barracks.

Dear Mom:

We're still here in Calgary wondering, waiting and also training. The latest information about the 2nd battalion (us) is that we are to get embarkation leave within two or three weeks. That could only mean we would be shipping out. We wouldn't be going into action. We have to have a lot of training yet, so don't get worried. We'll probably be still sitting in Calgary freezing to death.

It's pretty cool around here and snowing a bit. I see by the paper that it isn't so warm on the coast.

The training so far hasn't been to tough. We've been firing all the different weapons and I'm a lot better shot than I figured. I liked firing on the range but it's getting pretty cold for that now. I hope we move out of Alta. soon I've had enough of this province. If they keep me in Canada this time I'll join the Girl Guides.

Hope your still making millions, I'll help you spend it. How do you like throwing in the wood and coal?

Original Scans

Original Scans

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