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Date: July 12th 1915
Mr. Irwin
W. Stares

Pte. W.J. Stares. 59907.


21st Battalion. No 2 Coy.


West Sandling Camp.


Hythe, Kent.


July. 12th. 1915


Dear Mr. Irwin.


Your welcome letter to hand, and was pleased to hear from you. Glad to say that I have been home on leave for 6 days, and had a great time. It was a happy reunion although one of the family was absent. Still our thoughts was with him out in France. My Brother was all well on the 30th June and seem cheerful. Myself and Geo Martin have Volunteered as Bomb-throwers and hope to become efficient as Brigade bomb-throwers. We find it very dangerous work – requiring nerve – as only 3 to 6 seconds is allowed to light and throw the Bomb, special pay is granted in this branch of the work. Heard a fine sermon yesterday from Rev. Mr. Frost describing the same stand England is taking to-day as William did at the Battle of the Boyne.- for freedom and liberty. Just received Norwood Register stating that Tommy Robush has been injured. I heard that he was in England, and that a Bomb exploded in his hand, injuring his face and jaw bone – how true this is I cannot say anyhow if he is in England he must be seriously injured. Had my Photo taken with Father sorry I cannot send you one. F.B. Garlick have one so if you call upon him he will show It to you. Saturday was the 4th Brigade Sports and the 21st look many of the prizes. Lord Brooks our commander was present and told how sport was the best thing a soldier could spend his time in. It keeps a man fit, quick, and if defeated, know how to take it in good sportman spirit

This, Lord Brooks (who has been in France 10 months) says the Germans could not do, owing to there lack of clean sports, and he has not yet seen one German who could handle a Bayonnet like the English boys, in all there doings they have played Dirt. Canadian boys arriving daily. The 3rd Contingent are in Camp a mile from here. Remember me to Mrs. Irwin and family. I will close for this time.


I Remain Yours


W. Stares

Original Scans

Original Scans

Stares, William James. Letter, July 12th 1915 Stares, William James. Letter, July 12th 1915 Stares, William James. Envelope, July 12th 1915