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Date: August 19th 1915
Mr. Irwin
W.J. Stares

Scout W.J. Stares


21st Canadian Battn

West Sandling Camp

Hythe, Kent

Aug 19th 1915

Dear Mr. Irwin

Yours dated Aug 4th received to day. 18th. Glad to hear from you. Read with much interest in the Register of your Scouting Expedition. Would have had like to been one of the company. I have resumed my Scout duties again. In fact they will not let me do anything else. Took a 3 days trip through the country last week. Sketching for the Colonel for Military purposes and made good. - some of the Sketches he intends to have done in Water colors for Exhibitionary purposes

I was in competition against the 18. 19. & 20th Scouts and I think they did not have any chance

I have been attached to the Brigade as Brigade Scout quite a feather in my cap. Divisional manouvers, long marches, General inspections, and Bivouracing[?] out is the order of the day. and with the constant downpore of rain each day. Things are not very pleasant, especially when one sleeps out at night with just 2 Blankets. Still the Boys are standing it well and are all ways cheer full. Paid a weekend visit home last week and had a jolly time. Rumours says we shall be away in about 3 walks time- destination at present unknown.

Crops around here are very good. especially the Wheat. And the farmers are busy harvesting. Read of your breakdown on your return home. I myself had one started out on Cycle and when 10 miles out from Camp the brakes failed to as I going down a steep hill. Ran into the side of the road, went 20 ft in the air and landed in a bush which acted as a spring mattress. The wheel was slightly bent and I was uninjured. Such is the uncertainty of a Scout. Had to walk home.

Inspection next week by the Knight & Lord Kitchener. Will be our last I fancy. Norwood I suppose are enjoying There usual Summer holidays. To day I visited the second oldest Church in England built in 649. Burial place of Queen Ethelberh [?] and in good preservation. Marched to Cantibury and back one day. 30 miles and saw the famous Cathedrel. This part of the country is full of historic releck, famous Castles, old Battle fields, and roads built by the Romans, I will close for this time hoping to hear from you again. Kind regards to all.

W.J. Stares.

Have not seen Mr. Frosh for some time – much have had gone away.

Original Scans

Original Scans

Stares, William James. Letter, August 19th 1915 Stares, William James. Letter, August 19th 1915 Stares, William James. Letter, August 19th 1915 Stares, William James. Letter, August 19th 1915