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Date: April 23rd 1919
Mr. Irwin
W.J. Stares

59907 Cpl. Stares

B. Coy. 6th Can Res Bn.

Seaford. Sussex.

April 23rd 1919

Dear Mr. Irwin.

Your welcomed letter to hand today. 23rd and I am answering right away as it will be my last letter to you, because I start for Canada this coming Friday Ap. 25. I have had quite a fight with the Big Bugs and after two attacks at them I won out. They intended to keep me here but I did not see any cause why they should, except to show at Bisley and I felt that I would not do justice to myself on the Reserve in competing, owing to my Health.

After training the Bisley squad, the Musketry Staff was transferred to the Demobolisation Company for Canada, but my name had been omitted. I then wanted to know the reason why thinking I did not get a square deal over the matter, and went and interviewed the Colonel. He said he did not intend to let me go, and offered another Stripe, which I refused, as I wished to return to Canada. After a few days fighting my case orders were issued for my immediate return to Canada, so Friday will see my departure from Seaford.

Kettridge and myself exchanged letters and I must thank you for the information concerning Miss Knox. What an awfull man you are getting to be.- Kettridge gets his discharge next Tuesday, and I think gets married in 3 weeks time, he do not intend to return to Canada owing to Family matters, anyhow he will write you, explaining the circumstances. Just got back from 8 days leave, saying Good-Bye to my people. Father was demolished last week and my Brother the week before. Had a splendid time except at the leaving at the station.

By the list of names seem to be the last man to get Home, and a nice time too with the warm weather coming on. With so many changes going on I shall need a guide to show me round, but I do not think I shall take you. You will be getting me into trouble – especially as the Ladies want my presence, I wonder what for – no evil intentions I hope. I can just imagine I can see you. (When you get this letter,) racing round and telling all the Girls the news. Don’t tell too many. Will you. Well I think I will conclude for this time, my next will be my personal appearance. So Beware. Wishing to be remember by All the Kind Friends of Norwood. Mrs Irwin & Family.

Yours Sincerely

W.J. Stares.

Original Scans

Original Scans

Stares, William James. Letter. April 23, 1919 Stares, William James. Letter. April 23, 1919 Stares, William James. Letter. April 23, 1919 Stares, William James. Letter. April 23, 1919