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Date: December 12th 1915
John Hudgins


Dec. 12th, 1915


Dear Ollie:


This is Sun. night and nothing to do so thought I would scratch a few words to let you know that we got here safe and sound.  We have had it very easy this week.  It has stormed most everyday.  The roads have been H _ _ _.  Mud to our necks but have not marched much.  Fri. afternoon the whole Batt. Had it’s picture taken but don’t think it will be very good for it was snowing pretty hard.

Damn this luck got orders to go on guard in 24 hours and had already bought my ticket for the performance at the Academy of Music tomorrow night.  Just my luck but don’t suppose I ought to kick for this is only the second time since I came.  Squire and I have to go to the I.O.G.T Tues. night.  There is six of us from 15 Platoon.  Don’t know what for, guess they must think we are teetotalers.  More hard luck for there is a free concert and lunch for the 85th at Park Street Church.  That’s only about ten rods from barracks but suppose the I.O.G.T will give us a hand out.  Hope so anyhow.  Well don’t know any news.  Don’t even know whether I am still putting on weight or not but guess I am for my coat is getting tighter all the time.  I tried every shop in town for feathers but could not get them and don’t know whether will be able to get the badges or not.  None in town yet you see they are something new.  They are larger than the cap badges, that is the old style caps.  I got two feathers at canteen but won’t send them until I can get a couple more.  Suppose a.a. gave you the pictures.  Some picture eh?  My eyes look like two burnt holes in a blanket.  Had desperate cold when I had them taken but I think Kelly’s are very good.  Squire has not had his taken yet.  I tried to get him to go some other place for I don’t think much of my picture but he has paid 26¢ on his and he won’t listen to me.

Give Mrs. Mc one and Lib one and do what ever you like with the rest.  We seen E.G. O’Brien Tues. night, had to give him one (same) to old Elwood.  He is going up to Sussex to run a restaurant for the soldiers.  We are only going to get 4 days off Xmas or New Year’s don’t know which yet and don’t care.  How’s John, had a great chat with Daddy, coming up on Mon.