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Date: January 10th 1916
John Hudgins

Jan. 10th 1916


Dear Ollie:

Got sometime during the winter.  Wish we had some of the grub the boys at Xmas.  Could handle it nicely.  But never mind if I ever get back will have to make up for lost time.  We get enough here to keep us healthy but you know a chap who has been in the habit of eating all he wanted, it comes hard on him to come down to army rations. 

Well I suppose Ern Creamer is home by this time.  Well I think he has done his share.  He is a lucky beggar.  Always said if anyone was left Creamer would come out on top.  Sent my watch home by him if he don’t loose it.  But it was safer than the mail for I don’t pin much faith on the mail. 

I suppose you and John were down home Xmas.  Reckon the old table looked kind of empty.  I don’t mean the table but around it.  I can’t see these lines it’s so dark so you will have to excuse the writing.  But have been trying to write for the past ten days but could not get a chance.  They keep us pretty busy I can tell you.  I was orderly Sgt. Last week.  Near worked the life out of me.  Never got to bed before 10:30 and up again at five.  And this it has been lectures and night work.  Today has been stormy so we have been having our work in the huts and got off early so thought I would start this before supper.  Squire is on quarantine guard and a dirty day he has had of it.  So Lex can take time to go to the States can he? I feel sorry for him having old Isaac on his hands.  He would like nothing better than to be over here with the boys (I don’t think).  But never mind there are more days coming and every dog has his day. 

Well I had my supper over an hour ago.  Have been smoking ever since so guess I better try and finish this.  I suppose I ought to go up to the boxing match tonight but don’t feel like it.  John Barr is to try his hand against on of the 185 boys.  But I guess I will finish this and go to bed.  Am sending you a picture of myself and a little Dutchman that was in the Scouts with me.  A dandy little chap.  But terrible homesick.  He says he hopes the first bullet that comes his way takes him plumb between the eyes.  Says he is sick of this life.  I am sick of it myself but you can bet your boots I don’t want any lead making holes in my head yet awhile.  Well Col. Borden has command of us now.  Guess he will be our C.O. all right.  Don’t know when we are moving but don’t think it will be many days now before we will be moving.  Of course we will be in France quite a while but reckon we will be there for the drive this spring. 

Well poor old Archie passed in his checks all right.  We had a letter from the boys last week.  They said Archie was in his dugout making a fire and singing a Gaelic song when he got it.  He is the first of the old Bn. to cross the big divide.  Only hope the rest of us can take our medicine as good as he did.  Poor devil, he told me when he left he would never come back but I couldn’t believe him.  Well it’s most bedtime and there are too many boys talking to write so guess I better quit for this time.  Angus just came out of the hut last Thurs.  Hector McNeil is sick.   Has a desperate cold and a bad cough.  Don’t think he is long for this world even if he don’t get killed.  

Must quit for this time,


Original Scans

Original Scans

Letter. Hudgins, John. 1916.01.10 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1916.01.10 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1916.01.10 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1916.01.10 Envelope. Hudgins, John. 1916.01.10 Envelope. Hudgins, John. 1916.01.10