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Date: March 3rd 1916
John Hudgins

Mar. 3rd 1916

 Dear Ollie:


This is Mon. night and a swell one at that.  I don’t see why it couldn’t have been like this when I was home but such is life.  Just came off guard this morning.  Was down at Pier 21.  Desperate crowd around there.  We had pretty hard time to keep the females back.  Had to turn out the guard once in the afternoon.  There was one girl we had to carry back.  She sure was a tartar.  She fit like a tiger.  One girl tried to get on board in a man’s uniform but was caught.  I tell you I pitied some of them, they would not let them see their own brothers after they came here.  There is 10,000 men on board so they say.  I don’t know but she is the third biggest ship in the world.  She draws 81 feet of water.  Kelly is going to leave us this week I expect but they put up such a holler that I wouldn’t try to get off.  I think Kelly is sorry he is going now but don’t think he can get out of it now.  I suppose you know the Brigade is cancelled so don’t expect to be home again for think we will soon be out of this but I won’t be sorry.  Am sick of this.

Don’t know any news.  I haven’t had but 5 hours sleep since Fri. night.  Was out on picket duty Sat. night in the city.  One of the boys escaped from detention hospital and we were hunting for him but might as well look for needle in hay stack as a man in this place after dark.  Did not find him of course.  Capt. McRae returned to duty today.  Everybody is ordered in now.  They are beginning inoculating tomorrow.  Am platoon orderly this week so have to be in by 9:30.  Worse luck.  It’s a damn sight worse now than if I had never been home.   Hope you and John are well by now.  Write as soon as you can.



Original Scans

Original Scans

Letter. Hudgins, John. 1916.03.03. Letter. Hudgins, John. 1916.03.03. Envelope, front. Hudgins, John. 1916.03.03. Envelope, back. Hudgins, John. 1916.03.03.