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Date: April 9th 1916
John Hudgins



Dear Ollie:


This is Sun. night and 8:30 at that but thought would scratch a few lines to let you know we are alive.  Am about over my inoculation.  Arm is some sore but nothing to what it was night before last.  Was sick as a dog.  It went to my stomach of course.  That’s my weakest spot and that’s where it strikes.  Only got 500 germs this trip, get 1000 next time.  Reckon that will be going some.

Well expect Kelly will be home Tues. or Wed.  He is struck off the strength here now.  Just waiting for his papers. Think he is sorry he is going but he can’t back out now. We had a mass meeting yesterday afternoon and the Col. told us we are likely to leave here in a week or ten days but hope it will first of May for would like to get home again before I go but don’t suppose it makes any difference.  Got to go sometime and am sick of this place.  Guess we won’t get kilts costs too much.  Am sorry too for think would like them. 

Just came up from Kelly’s.  Had supper with them, dandy supper too.  Nice woman they board with.   Won’t be able to see much of Kelly for am Orderly Cpl. this week and have to work from AM to 10 PM so won’t be able to get out this week at all.  Was Platoon Orderly last week.  Got to be in at 9:30 to call roll so you will have to excuse the scratch as am in a hurry.  Sorry to hear you are sick again.  Wish could be with you to do the work but am afraid my housework is done for awhile.   I knew you would be sick as soon as I left for it’s myself that knows a little bit of (business).  Suppose John is up all right.  Make the beggar write for you.  Good for what ails him.  Must saw off but will write sometime this week if get a chance.

They are calling back our old Officers.  Thank the Lord for small favors.  Mebby you can’t read this but no loss if can’t.


Original Scans

Original Scans

Letter. Hudgins, John. 1916.04.09 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1916.04.09 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1916.04.09 Envelope, front. Hudgins, John. 1916.04.09 Envelope, back. Hudgins, John. 1916.04.09