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Date: December 3rd 1916

December 3rd 1916


Dear Ollie:


Did not get any word from you this week.  Suppose it is somewhere on the road or at the bottom of the ocean but never mind keep on writing and I will do the same.  Wish I could get home for Xmas.  This will be two I have missed and likely to another one yet before I get back.  I will have to do some desperate eating when I do get back to make up for lost time eh? 

Well I am damned near froze.  Got all my clothes my clothes on I own.  Great coat and all and I still can’t get warm and the ground is not even chilled.  That is what England is like.  I like cold frosty weather but this gets my goat.  Guess I must be getting cold feet for I can’t keep them warm.  Ern Creamer was down to see us Fri.  He is looking just the same only a little older.  I was sure glad to see him.  He says he has had enough of the trenched to last him for awhile.  I don’t know when he plans to go back.  I only saw him for a few mins.  I was on duty and he could not stop for he ran away from the hospital.  He said he was afraid we would be drafted before he could get a pass so he took one.  I don’t think we will be here very long for I am sure we will go as drafts but the sooner the better.  Oh how did you make out at the bean supper?  It makes me hungry even to write “beans”.  Wish I could have been there.  Suppose you have had lots of snow by this time. 

Oh Hell, I can’t think of anything to write.  There isn’t any news.  We are not allowed to write when there is.  Squire and I are sending you a card that’s all we can get. We are both well and kicking.  We don’t see much of Angus nowadays but he is well and homesick.  I get lonesome myself on Sundays.  Guess I told you had a letter from Aunt Aggie.  Must close for this time.  Wishing you and John a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.



PS Tell John he will have to eat my share of the Xmas dinner.  Guess I will send Mrs. D a card.  I have an extra one.                   Jack    

Original Scans

Original Scans

Hudgins, John. December 3, 1916. Hudgins, John. December 3, 1916. Hudgins, John. December 3, 1916. Hudgins, John. December 3, 1916.