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Date: March 26th 1921
George Stewart

From. George Stewart

326 Norah Ave.

Port Arthur

Ont 26 mar 1921


Dear Friend Henry

Just a few lines to let you know that I received your kind and most welcome letter a day or two ago which gives me the great pleasure to hear from you once again to know that you all well and are doing well & that you are enjoying yourself so well in that sunny part of this country with such good weather as you say you have down there. how I may say that we have good all round weather up here in this Artic part of the same country with plenty of snow & still snowing and still expecting some more. But the good old sun is getting stronger every day not what you would call very cold at any time. but the ice is still on the lake unbroken. So that as long we have the ice like that we are not what you call quiet. Clear of the wintery weather I may say that work is not very brisk here as they have laid off all but just one here there in the dry dock last-week they have closed down the new pulp mill don’t quite know for how long but some are starting on the breakwater there is quiet a lot coming on from the bush I may say that they are to run the a street railway jointly under one management between our two city’s as before they see that there is too much expence running it as they are at present. I may tell you that all friends around here as far as I know is in the best-of good health the wife & children is sending you their best respects , I may tell you that I got your photo & I must say you look ok in it. your uncle & family in West Fort is the best of good health everything up & around here is first class exept work but we have hopes [?] that with the opening of the navigation which will be in another month in time by that time I hope everything will be running smooth & in good shape for another year, I may say that I have very little news for you at present so I must close for the want of  more hopping to hear from you soon with best of good news hopping that this will find you all in the best of good health as it leaves me & all of us at present be of good cheer & keep your good spirit up. never say die until a dead horse kicks you write soon with all good news Good night good luck for the present ta ta old chap

I remain

your old Friend

Geo Stewart.

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