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Date: July 18th 1917

July, 18th 1917


Dear Bro. Bill: - Just a few lines to let you know I am quite well at present, hoping you all the same. I am at present in London on pass. I arrived here Thursday night last, July 12th and having a fairly good time. Now I will tell you a little about the war while I have the chance to tell you. We were over the top about two weeks ago, and took two lines of trenches from the German’s, his first & second line trenches, and we had no difficulty in taking them neither. We just simply walked over & chased him out of his hole, or his dug-out. We took eleven prisoners, all the rest beat it back. They helped to carry out wounded. We did not have many casualities. The whole brigade were in the attack. I don’t think there us much fight left in the German’s. They are tired of it now and will likely give up at any moment. I could see it the night that we went over at them. They simply run away. I cannot write very much now because the fountain pen I just bought has run out of ink. I am staying at the Maple Leaf club, a good place to stay. So, don’t worry about the war will be over some day. Show this letter to Henry & tell others about it.

Write soon. Your loving Brother

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