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Date: August 30th 1917

Aug. 30th 1917


Dear Bro. Bill : - just a few lines in answer to your letter dated Aug. 2nd. I am quite well hoping this will find you all the same. You say Henry & George Fox were putting Cornish around the house, does that mean painting, remember when I used to call that, painting. Is Henry able to go around & do work like that? He will be alright very shortly. I am still opening the cans of corned beef, bully beef we call it. Henry will remember the days when we used to cook together in Ypres. I always answer what mail I get. I am sending my picture with this letter, which I had taken when away on pass. The way you talk in your letter you must think I am down – hearted, nothing doing. So you must cheer-up & wait till the war is over. I am watching all the big shells I can keep my eyes on. Say! About that patriotic fund sheet. I think if you will write to Ottawa about it, you will have a better chance in claiming the money. If not, send me another form & I will try and have it signed, as I lost track of the other one.

With love & best wishes, for all. Write soon,


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