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Date: December 22nd 1916
Mr. Irwin

Dec 22nd 1916

Dear Mr. Irwin

Many thanks for very interesting letter received the 19th, you certainly had a great hunt this year even if you did not get much game, Well I have no much news this time, I am up again but my foot & leg keeps swelling badly, & the doctors cannot understand it at all but there is no pain for which I am very thankful, I had my share of bed I think 32 days, & the days were so long too, it is not much like Xmas here very quiet indeed, but everything is so deer Eggs are 84  apiece sugar 114lb bacon 38 to 404 lb potatoes 44 lb apples 124 lb butter 504 lb steak) 484 lb mutton 364 lb bread 114 lb for a very small loaf, I cannot think how the poorer classes live at all, All the talk here at present – “Lloyd George” & the people have great faith in him if he can only fill the bill time will tell, I should like to be in Norwood this Christmas, but that is impossible, hope to be there for the next one or before, I am somewhat discouraged at my operation as the doctors seem to think I shall not be fit for France at all I would not have liken it if I had known, I was bold if I got it done I should go, seems I have come all this way for nothing & not had a chance to get a shot at the Huns but I have done all I could do, but I have not done trying yet, but I am afraid, there is a lad here now, just back from France only been there one month, he had the same trouble as me & now he has a awful knee may have a stiff knee for the rest of his life, Kind regard to Mrs Irwin & family trusting they are all well,
Wishy You and yours a very bright & happy New Year, Goodbye for this time & God bless you all, Your Affectionate




Was very pleased to hear Ronald has joined your battalion, keep him up to it & make him attend all he possible can, he wrote & told me about it & seem very proud of it, Goodbye


Original Scans

Original Scans

Garlick, Frederick. Letter. 1916.12.22 Garlick, Frederick. Letter. 1916.12.22. Garlic, Frederick. Letter. 1916.12.22.