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Date: November 26th 1918
Mr. Iovin
James Livingston


November 26.1918

Dear Friend Mr. Iovin

I am well and hope that you and your family are the same I got your letter that you wrote on Oct 27 and was glad to get it to The war is over mo and I am just the same as when I left home only not so good a man I am not so strong as I was then. I do not want to go to Berlin at tall for I think that I have Been a way from home long enough mo. I wish that all the People around there are Better mo for I do not like to here of any one Been sick over there for I see plenty over here at all time I am in Mons just mo. And it is a very nice place and I think that I have Been all over the city mo. And and there is a tower here that was bilt in 1661 and it is the oldest tower in Belguim and if you want to keep tuch of me I will tell you every town or city that I will go throught and you get a map of French and Belguim and you can tell which way that I am going. Where is Carl mo is he in England mo or over in French again I hope that he is not over here mo. The Tower that I told you abought it only has 288 steps in it and and that it not to the Bottom that is just level with the ground But there is a Big dugen lower down than that and there are 103 seps down to the Bottom of that

will this is all

for this time so good



James. A. Livingston

195414 5C M.R.

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Original Scans

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