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Date: February 4th 1916

From Wesley

Feb. 4th 1916


Dear Brother Willie :- Just a few lines in answer to your post card of Feb 2nd. I am glad to have another look at the big collegiate. We are well at present hoping you’s the same, you say you have snow up to your shoulders there, it must be very hard to get along at that rate. The weather is entirely different here, we have rain and lots of it, but no snow, and the climate is moderate. I have not got into Henry’s platoon yet, but I am trying my best to do so, you know it is very hard to get a chance to see about the like of that, I am sending too little slips of paper, one is a suicide sideways, and the other is about the war being over in a year. It is reported that the Kaiser is very seriously ill. I suppose you have seen it in the paper there. Yesterday was pay-day and they issued us with a log –book to keep our time in. I got 2 £ or pounds, that is ten dollars in Canadian money, Henry is going to have some of his money signed over, because he finds it all too much to carry around. I know I find what I have got to much to carry more than what I need. I think this is all the news for now, only cheer up and keep the brush moving all the while, the nigger.

All for now. From Wesley.

No. 438681. 52nd overseas Battalion Bramshott camp

Hants, England.


You will find a little piece of English money for yourself.

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Original Scans