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Date: February 23rd 1916

Wesley Johnson

Bramshott Camp

Feb. 23rd. 1916


Dear Willie :- Just a few lines that we are well at present, hoping you all the same. I received the letter with the post card of photographs, and very glad for same, say before I go any further I want you to send me a 25 cent box of Cascarets, the same as I used to get at the drug store, they do not keep them here, we would find them a benefit, we have moved to Bramshott camp about 7 miles from Witley camp where we were. so remember the address when you write, just put the name and 52nd Battalion No 438681 Bramshott camp England. We have been shooting on the rifle range at Borden, another little place near Bramshott and we done some good shooting, only not the best we could do, if you seen Henry and I knock over the Bull’s eyes, the range was from 100 to 600 yards. Pa knows what that means. Did you ever receive the calendar I sent, it should be there now. Just a word about this Bramshott it is a very muddy place, you hardly can find a dry place to walk, we left a good clean camp when we left Witley, of course there is places you can go for pleasure there is a theatre just opposite the camp, with good moving pictures, also a good Y. M. C. A. and then there is a place called the Soldiers camp home where you can read and write, that is where I am writing this letter now, and then there is stores ten minutes walk from camp, and then when you do go out you are in mud over the boots, that is the history of this place. The secretary of the camp home was just speaking on the 5th chapter of St. John and after speaking made a prayer, look it up. I do be reading the Bible myself when I have time. I read 8 chapters one Sunday not long ago. This is all I have to say for now. Write soon with the cascarets.

Love, From Wesley

Trust in God.

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