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Date: August 25th 1916

Aug. 25th 1916

Dear William :- Received your ever welcomed letter, dated July 31st., and very glad for same. I suppose you all are well the same as ever. I have not received the safety-razor yet. It must have went astray, but I got the parcel O.K. I told you about it in the other letter. Say! do not forget to send me that Sabadilla powder,. You know what it is for. I have a big army to fight our here, besides the one I am in. It is called the crumb army. I do not think the 94th Battalion are in the trenches yet, as you were asking. But I know they are in a camp close to where we are now, I will likely see Teddy. I got his letter. This will be all for now. More news later.

Answer soon. Wesley

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