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Date: September 1st 1916

Sept. 1st. 1916

Dear Brother William :-

Received your very welcomed letter dated August 11th, and very glad to hear from you all, that you are well, as this leaves me the same. I got the safety-razor complete, on the evening of August the 31st. It had all signs that it went astray, and then found itself. There was a tag on it which read. In Hospital, wounded. also stamped on the parcel, not in record office, and O.H.M.S. It just showed it had its travels. However I got it. You have done well at the Berrie picking. My! how I would just like to have a feed of them now. That cake will come in fine when it arrives. It is just what I mostly want, is something good to eat. I have not had a letter from Henry lately. I suppose he is busy with other letter-writing. Just a word about the war. Roumania has declared war on Germany, and Teddy Leake is with the 37th Battalion, so you say. He expected to be in the 52nd. I am in the Machine Gun section now for a short period, so when you address letters, you will always put Machine-Gun section. This is all the news for now. More later, Write soon.

Your Brother, Wesley.

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