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Date: January 7th 1917

Jan. 7th. 1917

Dear Brother Bill :- Just a few lines to let you know I have received your ever welcomed letter which was dated Dec. 9th 1916, hoping you are all well as this leaves me the same. Before I go any further, I want to give you the proper address, Pte. W. Johnson, No. 438681 A Company, Lewis gun section, 52nd Canadians, B. E. F. France. The last address you put was not quite correct. Never put any [?] Platoon on your address. Only put the above, then I will be sure to get the letter. I heard Teddy Leake is gone back to Canada, medically unfit. Warren got wounded first trip going into the Somme with a machine-gun bullet through the arm. He was near me when he got hit. Sandy Richardson got killed, he was in the 46th Battalion, so I heard. That is right what Miller was saying in the paper about the Battalion. You know what you told me in your letter. No doubt you mean the mine which went up on the 3rd of June. I had a letter from Henry Jan. 3rd and he is as well as can be. I do not think the war is going to last quite a few years yet as you say, you want to go easy. I think the fall will see the finish of it. Harold Trandier died of wounds some time ago, as you were asking, and I could tell you about hundreds of others. I must tell you again. I have received that parcel with strawberries and Etc. in it. This letter was written in a dug-out in the Trenches. Fritz was just busy at the time sending over a few whiz-bangs, and they were landing within a near distance of the dug-out, Let me know if you get this letter also the one with the 52nd card. Answer soon. Your Brother,


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