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Date: April 30th 1921
H.A. Johnston
R.B. Leeper.

Customs Bldg. ,       

Port Arthur, Ont.,

Apr. 30th. ,1921.



To  : -

H.A. Johnston, Esq.,

318 Norah Street,

Port Arthur, Ont.


Dear Sir: -

I beg to inform you that I have received a reply to my letter requesting that your case be considered for further Vocational Training. I am informed by the District Vocational Officer that your case will be brought before the Disabled Soldiers’ Training Board, Winnipeg, for recommendation and forwarded to Head Office, for Supplementary Training.

Immediately I receive further information in regards to your training, you will be duly notified.

Yours sincerely,

R.B. Leeper.

Unit Director of Administration’s Rep.,

“G” Unit, D.S.C.R., Port Arthur, Ont.


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