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Date: February 4th 1917
Rev. A. M. Irwin
Sgt. Kettridge

Sgt. Kettridge AC

59546 21st Batt

9 Division C.C.D.

St. Leonards o/s



Dear Sir

I thank you very much for you letter wich I received today and I was very glad to hear from you, I hope this will  find you all quite well as it leaves me not to bad at present.

Well we are getting some very cold weather over in England and quite a lot of snow just now, I guess you are getting cold weather over in Canada but I would give anything to be back there again, I have just received news that my father was killed on Aug 6th 1915 they have kept us waiting a long time before they told us the news he was killed seventeen months before we knew about it; mother is very much upset about it; it makes it hard for her, because the [?] sons a fighting my brother has been wounded four times and is in France still, and I have been wounded twice myself so that makes it very hard on Mother. I have not seen or heard from Stares since I was wounded as far as I know he is doing fine work yet, I wish I was back for in France again I am getting sick of being in England there is to much changing around when you are in France you know what you are to do, you are either in the trenches or out of them I put in fourteen months out there and in and out of the trenches all the time but I am not a bit sorry for it. It has made a man of me but I guess as soon as I get my commission I will be back with the boys again and then I will be happy, but I would like to see the war end so that we could get back home again I have been away from Canada for nearly two years.

I have meet Sergeant Robus he is in the same [?] mess as I am I have quite a long talk with him now I will close, hoping this will find you all quite well so good bye

From yours Sincerely

Sgt Kettridge

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Original Scans